How I Freed My Diabetes

I struggled for nearly 9 years with T2 diabetes. I tried to follow the advice the doctors gave me- eat better, exercise more, etc. I did get healthier and lose weight but I kept hitting a wall. I managed to stay in a range but I couldn’t get my weight below a certain point. Even with my weight somewhat stable, my A1C would keep creeping up, slowly getting worse and more meds were added.

I’d nearly accepted that whatever it takes to beat T2, that I just didn’t have it in me. That this was a moral failure and at best I could try to minimize and slow down the inevitable. I would fight the good fight and do my best, but I knew I wasn’t going to win.

That way you’ll know if this is the right method for YOU!

What Exactly I get?

Then I found this book and said what the heck. Let’s give it a go. I decided to start on Jan 1, 2019. I figured I could follow this advice until my next Dr visit in May and if it doesn’t work then oh wellz.

The first month I lost 18 pounds. I don’t weigh myself often but I was down 26 in mid March. Since the beginning I’ve dropped from size 40 pants to 36. I go to the doctor tomorrow, my bloodwork came back this weekend and my A1C had dropped from 7.2 in Nov 18 to 4.9. The lowest I’ve ever managed in 9 years was 6.3 and sometimes I was in the 8+ range.

I’m hoping tomorrow my doc modifies my meds. I see no reason to quit eating this way. I miss some foods but I rarely have any cravings that I have to give in to. Some day when I hit my target weight 30-40 pounds from now, I might even once again eat a burger on a bun with fries and a strawberry shake, but I see no need to do so until I get where I need to be.

They really should hand this book out with every T2 diagnosis. It would’ve saved me nearly 9 years of struggling.

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